The original Italian sushi experience

You can find many places to eat sushi in Milan, but none of them stands a chance against the Japan Bistro. In this fusion restaurant – Japan-inspired, but still 100% Italian – sushi, sashimi, miso soup, yakisoba and other dishes of the far eastern Asian tradition meet the creativity and the unique style of Milan.


From Japan, with fusion

While the colours satiate your eyes, the unusual flavours of the Japan Bistro will take your palate on a journey. Flambé amberjack carpaccio served with mustard vinaigrette, jalapeños and alfalfa sprouts. Uramaki with prawn tempura served on unagi sauce and garnished with avocado and caramelized carpaccio, spicy cream and red tobiko. Red Alaska salmon carpaccio with ponzu sauce, sakura and sesame seeds. Tuna gunkan with red shrimp tartare and orange zest… After tasting the courses prepared by chef Paul, you will know for sure that this is the right place to eat sushi in Milan.


The Japan Bistro is a neat and comfortable place. There is a limited number of tables, so that all customers can be given the time, attention, and space they deserve. Therefore, when you want to allow yourself a JB moment, it is strongly advised to make a reservation.


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+39 02 366 42 181

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MON-FRI 12:00-14:30 | 18:30- 23:45
SAT 18:30 – 23:45